Kamis, 22 Mei 2014


i just wanted to write "tonight". but i realized it was not night. it was at noon. my neighborhood got a total black out. i had nothing to do except sleeping. it was at noon. i got this dream. i dreamed about.... i wasn't so sure. i thought it was lebaran. then, i went to bandung. i went to my uncle's house there. i wanted to meet everyone and shook their hand. but there was someone blocked my way. it was my grandmother. she hugged me.i replied her hug. in her hug, he prayed for me as usual if i met her. he talked in sundanese " sing pinter... sing soleh... sing sehat...." she used to pray all good to me. then i woke up. after waking up, i realized that my grandmother had gone. she came to my dream to pray for me. at that time, i was just feeling down. may be she wanted to cheer me up. i told my mother about my dream and she said that it was a clue. may be i could be successful. i could get what i had dreamed about. i hope so. and i realized again about that dream. perhaps my grandmother knew that i had forgotten my God or i had forgotten her. she wanted to lead me to the straight way. it is true or not, nobody knows. i hope i can catch my dream. i hope i always remember my God. one that that i know from that dream is i miss her.

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